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A medical technology business with a positive impact

The strong worldwide focus on the need to protect our planet continued into 2021. We are playing our part by managing resources efficiently, reducing our emissions where possible and being mindful of the impact that all our decisions have on the environment.

In 2021, our environmental impacts continued to be affected by the global pandemic, for example with changes where colleagues are now working remotely more regularly. Some offices continued to see lower occupancy levels. However, the reduced impact of this has been offset by higher energy requirements in active buildings that need additional ventilation.

Along with our customers and stakeholders, we continue to focus on the environmental footprint of our products and services. We have focused on our ‘internal’ environmental footprint for a number of years, improving our performance in waste recycling, water use and GHG emissions.

Our sustainability strategy also extends upstream to our suppliers and downstream to our customers. This means that we want to work with partners who are making efforts to reduce their own environmental impacts. We are also working to deliver products and services that have less impact on the environment.

We are taking steps to better understand the extended footprints of our top-selling products. This helps us focus our resources where they will produce the most positive impact.