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0.9% Cadexomer Iodine Gel and Pads


Term Description
Aerobic Pertaining to the utilisation or requirement of oxygen in order to live and grow.
Anaerobic Able to grow and thrive in the absence of oxygen.
Antibiotics Any group of antibacterial chemicals compounds.
Arteriole A small artery joining an artery to a capillary.
Bactericide Any agent that destroys bacteria.
Endemic Goitre Peculiar to certain areas where food and water is deficient in iodine.
Exogenous Of external origin.
Fibroblast A large stellate cell from which connective tissue arises.
Gentamicin An antibiotic effective against many Gram negative bacteria, especially Pseudomonas species aswell as certain Gram positive bacteria, especially Straphylococcus aureus.
Goitre A chronic enlargement of the thyroid gland which could be due to iodine deficiency, or hyper - hypo function of the thyroid gland.
Granulation The outgrowth of new capillaries and connective tissue cells from the surface of an open wound, that is not healing by first intention.
Keratinocytes The epidermal cell which synthesises keratin in the skin.
Macrophages A large 'wandering' phagocytic cell that ingests foreign matter.
Modulate Regulate.
Physiological Denoting the action of a drug in a healthy person as distinguished from its therapeutic action.
Polysaccharide A carbohydrate containing a large number of monosaccharide groups e.g. Starch, cellulose.
PVP-I PolyVinylPyrrolidone (Povidone)-Iodine (PVP-1) PVP=amide; The major part of the available iodine is complexed with the Povidone, with a minor part existing as free iodine.
Respiratory Burst Burst of oxygen consumption produced when leukocytes ingest bacteria.
Vasodilation Dilation of the blood vessels.