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ALLEVYN vs Mepilex Border Flex

Superior fluid retention and reduced leakage compared to MepilexTM Border Flex*1,2


Advanced exudate lock-in, with a design to minimize leakage3,4

Dressings can be disturbed and come under pressure through normal patient movement and activity. Knocks, bumps and pressure can cause leakage and affect exudate retention, potentially causing skin damage and distress.

A recent study assessed the fluid retention and leakage performance of ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings, compared with MepilexTM Border Flex:

  ALLEVYN LIFE retained 1.9 times more fluid, compared to MepilexTM Border Flex, when the dressing was under pressure*1,2.
  ALLEVYN LIFE showed reduced leakage, compared to MepilexTM Border Flex, when the dressing was under pressure (which can occur during movement and sleep, for example)*1,2.
  ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings absorb significantly more fluid than MepilexTM Border Flex under pressure (which can occure when seated or asleep, during movement or when knocked)*1,2.


The impact of dressing leakage

Chronic wound dressings may have pressure exerted on them up to 6 times per day through normal patient activity. Dressing leakage and poor exudate retention may, as a result, increase the frequency of dressing changes and their associated costs.


Designed to be different

ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings have an innovative multilayer construction, facilitating intelligent exudate lock-in3,4.


  Available in a range of patient-centric shapes & sizes, helping promote comfort during wear5
  Use for up to 7 days7.
  Stayed in place significantly longer than MepilexTM Border, dressings in a different study potentially reducing the frequency of dressing changes**8.


Need intelligent exudate lock-in?

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* Demonstrated during in vitro testing. n=30, p<0.001.
** Demonstrated a volunteer trial. n=130, p<0.001.



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