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Suture Anchors


Optimize your rotator cuff repairs with the combine strength of TWINFIX◊ Ultra Suture Anchors loaded with ULTRABRAID◊ Suture. This anchor has been designed to be supported by the internal driver to optimize force transfer during insertion into bone.

• Transitional thread design enables secure fixation.
• Distal “cutting” and proximal “locking” threads allow easy insertion and strong pullout strength.
• Loaded with ULTRABRAID™ suture for strong knots and a low profile knot stack.
• Specific hole preparation instruments address differing humeral bone quality.
• Multiple anchor sizes
• Multiple suture configurations

Material Choice
PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio®
With a modulus similar to cortical bone, PEEK-OPTIMA® polymer from Invibio® exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness, together with biocompatibility.

PLLA is an absorbable polymer comprised of the naturally occurring compound, lactic acid, and has a long history of clinical use in implanted surgical devices[1]. 

Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a particular crystal form and composition of a larger family of calcium phosphates. Calcium phosphate ceramics are perhaps the most biocompatible synthetic substances for use in hard tissue repair with over 15 years of clinical history. The high degree of biocompatibility is a feature of HA and is largely attributable to its natural presence in bone. When HA is implanted into a bony site it has been shown to be slowly absorbed into the body and replaced by new bone. [2]. 

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