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Designed to address the needs of wrist surgeons performing triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) repair, the TFCC FAST-FIX Kit from Smith & Nephew unites strength, speed and agility for an all-inside performance.

Current repair techniques that address peripheral TFCC tears can be limited by prolonged recovery time and knot stack intolerance. The TFCC FAST-FIX Kit was specifically developed to offer surgeons an all-inside, knotless repair solution that is fast and easy-to-use and that provides a strong, reproducible and secure repair.1

The benefits of using the TFCC FAST-FIX Kit include no counterincision, which can minimize repair and recovery time, and no knot stack, which can eliminate irritation and may improve patient satisfaction.

Additional Features and Benefits Include:

  • Suture management: governs sutures between deployment of implants for better visualization
  • Stiff, low-profile needle shaft: reduces bending, improving control and designed to minimize trauma to the TFCC and adjacent ligaments
  • Ergonomic handle: enhances the user experience, feels comfortable in the hand
  • Auditory confirmation: assures implants are deployed
  • One-handed, fast-click deployment: allows for the deployment of implants in any hand position
  • 360 active deployment: delivers fast and easy implant deployment from any hand position
  • Knot Pusher/Suture Cutter: combines two instruments in one, allowing the knot to be advanced to the desired tension and to trim the excess suture
  • Disposable Slotted Cannula: Protective blue splint cannula minimizes trauma to soft tissue during insertion into the joint space.
1. Yao J, Dantuluri P, Osterman AL. A novel technique of all-inside arthroscopic triangular fibrocartilage complex repair. Arthroscopy. 2007 Dec 23.

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