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All-Suture Anchor

Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor


Ideal for a variety of arthroscopic shoulder and hip repairs, this next generation all-suture implant technology provides the benefits of an all-suture implant with enhanced performance characteristics1.

Consistent deployment

Q-FIX Anchors provide consistent deployment due to the radially expanding implant design and delivery system that acts like a knot pusher.


The Q-FIX Anchor delivery system, with automated suture pull to a target of 140 newtons, ensures full deployment of the implant within the bone hole.

Streamlined technique

Implant deployment is streamlined with a turn of a dial through the drill guide.


SLAP/Bankart repair
With fixation performance superior1 to commonly used all-suture anchors and traditional anchors, the 1.8mm Q-FIX Anchor and disposable kit is an ideal option for SLAP and Bankart repairs. The small implant married with the drill guide helps to ensure accurate implant delivery with limited bone removal.

Rotator cuff repair
The 2.8mm Q-FIX Anchor’s fixation performance and small footprint makes it a great option for rotator cuff repairs. With performance similar to traditional corkscrew anchors more than twice its size, the 2.8mm Q-FIX Anchor is ideal for medial row fixation where space is limited.


Acetabular labral repair
With a 1.8mm footprint, Q-FIX Anchors are optimal for regions of the acetabular rim with limited bone stock. By reducing instrument passes and focusing on consistent deployment, Q-FIX Anchors help streamline acetabular labral fixation in a highly technical procedure.



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