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Dissolvable Post-op Nasal Dressing

SINU FOAM Dissolvable Post-op Nasal Dressing


SINU-FOAM is a dissolvable post-op nasal dressing (intranasal splint) intended to minimize bleeding and edema, and to prevent adhesions within the nasal cavity. Starting as a dry carboxyethyl cellulose (CMC) fiber within a syringe, the CMC forms a viscous foam when properly mixed with sterile water. This foam conforms to nasal and sinus cavities during placement and provides a moist, hydrocolloid physical barrier that will naturally dissolve over several days.

Convenient injectable form factor

  • Customizable foam consistency based on user preference
  • Conforms to nasal and sinus cavity during insertion and stays in place until it naturally dissolves

Highly absorbent polysaccharide material

  • Forms a viscous hydrocolloid foam when hydrated
  • Capable of absorbing multiple times its weight in water

Converts to a dense CMC foam

  • Minimizes intra- and postoperative bleeding and edema
  • Provides a moist physical barrier that supports and separates mucosal tissue to minimize post-op adhesions
  • Post-op debridement dissolves through normal outflow without the need to remove post-op packing

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