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ALLEVYN Packaging

Reach for the right dressing. Reach for ALLEVYN

ALLEVYN Packaging Guide

Packaging Guide

Simple. Informative. Efficient. Effective.

ALLEVYN Life Packaging

At Smith & Nephew, we have a long-standing heritage of putting people first, with over 25 years of patient centred innovation and multiple product improvements.

The ALLEVYN range of wound care dressings was developed from our understanding of the human body and the experience of living with a wound.

With increasing pressure on time and resources, we know how important it is for healthcare professionals to reach for the right dressing with ease, which is why we have redesigned our ALLEVYN packaging with simple, informative features, such as:

  • ALLEVYN Range Colour ChartColour-coded product names
  • A strong silver band to identify Ag versions of each dressing
  • Product images and dimensions
  • QR code link to for additional product support



At-a glance icons for ALLEVYN Classics and ALLEVYN Life:

Number of dressings in the pack:
Number of Dressings
Level of adhesion:
Level of adhesion
Level of absorbency:Level of absorbency
Wear time (in days)Wear Time

For ALLEVYN Life Only

Change Indicator
Change Indicator
Lock Away Core'No Leakage' reassurance

We have also improved the back of the packaging by including simple how-to-use instructions.Application Icons

ALLEVYN - people

Additional Resources

ALLEVYN Packaging Clinic Poster

ALLEVYN Packaging Clinic Poster

Download the ALLEVYN Packaging Clinic Poster (PDF - 6.16mb)


ALLEVYN Packaging Educational Booklet

Packaging Booklet

Download the ALLEVYN Packaging Educational Booklet (PDF - 4mb)