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Regulatory & compliance

Smith+Nephew Code of Conduct and Business Principles

Smith+Nephew is committed to integrity, honesty and professionalism. Our Code of Conduct and Business Principles (Code) defines our values as a company. Our Code is supported by global policies that specifically define behaviours, ensuring that our actions strengthen our reputation.

Training on our Code of Conduct is issued to all new hires when they join Smith+Nephew, with refresher training given to all employees every year. All new employees also receive online awareness training on anti-bribery and corruption and on data privacy, and we provide additional role-based modules to certain higher-risk functions. Additional face-to-face training is provided by Regional Compliance Officers as needed. We earn trust by working in an ethical way and complying with applicable standards.

Global compliance programme

Our world-class Global Compliance Programme helps our business to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our comprehensive programme includes global policies and procedures, on-boarding and annual training for employees and managers, monitoring and validation processes and reporting channels.

We have multiple levels of ethics and compliance oversight, including a Board Compliance & Culture Committee, to ensure managers, employees and business partners act with integrity and we regularly assess existing and emerging risks in the countries in which we operate.

Our Code gives each employee the legal and ethical framework to guide what we do every day in a way that reflects our Company and our culture. It’s not enough to simply comply with the law; we should always behave ethically, even where the law is unclear or still developing.

Through our global intranet, we provide resources and tools to guide employees to make decisions that comply both with the law and our Code of Conduct. We ensure appropriate oversight of significant interactions with healthcare professionals or government officials. We comply with all country and US state transparency reporting laws which require reporting of physician compensation.

Compliance website

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Smith+Nephew has a strong reputation for integrity and ethical conduct. Our name and products are trusted everywhere around the world. Our compliance website contains our legal and ethical principles for carrying out business and applies both to employees and to others who act for us

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