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Wound biofilm consensus: Recommendations from an expert panel 

Wound biofilm consensus: Recommendations from an expert panel

When:  Thursday 29th September from 08.30 to  09.30 

Where:  Hall Donatello

Gregory Schultz, USA 

Why do biofilms in wounds cause issues for Clinicians and why is there a need to provide consensus in this field?

Thomas Bjarnsholt, Denmark

Understanding the differences in behaviour and antimicrobial tolerance between planktonic and biofilm bacteria

Randall Wolcott, USA

Putting the science into practice; What are the differences in treatment strategies between dealing with biofilm and acute infections  - recommendations for a paradigm shift in chronic wound care.

Biofilm is thought to be present in at least 60% of all chronic wounds. Despite this, there are many myths and uncertainties surrounding the treatment of this lesser known barrier to healing. 

10 Global  experts across scientific and clinical disciplines have  agreed on a series of recommendations designed  to add clarity and guidance to core issues in wound biofilm understanding, diagnosis and treatment. 

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Gregory Schultz

Thomas Bjarnsholt

Randy Wolcott