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Pressure ulcer prevention: Driving to zero…

Pressure ulcer prevention: Driving to zero 

When:  Tuesday 27th September from 12.15 to 13.15 pm 

Where:  Hall Brunelleschi 


Mark Collier, UK

Making pressure ulcer prevention a priority

Molly Sammon, USA

Reducing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in the cardiovascular OR and ICU population

Jeanine Frumenti, USA

Transformational leadership; achieving sustainable outcomes in pressure ulcer prevention programs                                                                                                             

Pressure ulcer development is a global problem, places a heavy burden on healthcare budgets and is now regarded as an indicator of care quality. While hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) have decreased over recent years, incidence rates remain higher than desired for many hospitals, especially among the critically ill. Interventions and practices used to reduce HAPUs among cardiac surgery and ICU patients will be discussed. In order to ensure quality improvement programs achieve sustainable outcomes, tools to support leaders in preventative care will be discussed. 

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