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Performance status against 2015 targets set in 2011

2015 targets

Progress since 2011 baseline

Deliver a higher return to shareholders than our peer group over the long term 

Dividend for 2015 was 30.8 US cents per share, up 4% on 2014.
Total distribution to shareholders of $272m in 2015. See 2015 Annual Report for peer group information and specifically page 91 for total shareholder return data.

Incorporate sustainability considerations with 100% of our major supply chain partners (spend >$1.5m)

Supplier Information Management survey has been completed for all of the Group’s major direct suppliers.

Build sustainability considerations into 100% of new product development

Sustainability criteria remain in place. Their application has resulted in tangible improvement to several new products launched in 2015.

Strive for zero injuries

Zero fatalities.

OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TIR) has decreased by 53% (from 1.16 in 2011 to 0.54 in 2015).

Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) has reduced by 66% (from 0.58 in 2011 to 0.20 in 2015).

Attain a position in top quartile of industry for safety performance

2015 Group TIR = 0.54.

This places the Group in the top quartile of safety performance within our sector, as reported in the most recent US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics for Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities in the industry classification of medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, 2014 data.

Implement wellness programmes in at least 60% of our major facilities by 2015 (major facilities are those with >100 employees)

This target has been exceeded. This has now been extended so that most of our facilities and employees now have access to a wellness programme.

Target at least 40% global talent pool (mid-level and higher) will be women by 2015

39% of global talent pool (mid-level and higher) are now women.

Contribute more than 1% of adjusted pre-tax profits annually towards corporate citizenship/philanthropy by 2015

$11.5m of philanthropy spend in 2015, of which $1.4m was in cash and product donations and $10.1m was in educational grants and sponsorships.

This represents 1.1% of adjusted pre-tax profits.

Volunteering programmes remain active in most regions and employee involvement has increased.

Employees must continue to complete annual assigned compliance training and certify adherence to our Code of Conduct and Business Principles

100% employees trained. We are supplementing online training with face-to-face training.


Detailed commentary on health and safety performance

Detailed commentary on environmental data

Our headline safety performance includes all employees and supervised contractors, it excludes unsupervised contractors who are still required to comply with our HSE requirements when on our sites, We adopt the industry standard Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) system to record incidents of occupational injury and ill-health. Lost-time incidents are defined as those which result in a person not being able to report for work on the day or shift following the incident. Performance is expressed as a rate of the number of incidents per 200,000 hours worked. All safety performance data reported excludes acquisitions made during 2015.


2015 targets

Progress since 2011 baseline

Underlying 2015 progress against 2011 baseline

Reduce our non-renewable energy use by 15%

Energy has increased by 10.9% (19.5GWh)

Energy has has increased by 1.2%

Reduce our CO2 emissions by 15%

CO2 emissions have increased by 14.1% (10,928t)

CO2 emissions have increased by 5.4%

Reduce water use by 15%

Water usage has increased by 14.6% (97,859m3)

Water usage increased by 5.1%

Reduce packaging materials by 15%

Progress paused, the focus remains on packaging integrity and supply chain efficiencies


Reduce total waste by 15%

Total waste has increased by 26.8% (1,932t)

Waste to landfill has decreased by 38.6% (1,312t)

Total waste has increased by 19.0%

Waste to landfill has decreased by 43.6%

Increase % of total waste recycled by 15%

Including waste sent for energy recovery, this improved, increasing by 57.3%

Including waste sent for energy recovery, this improved, increasing by 60.2%


The underlying progress takes account of changes in the structure and sites in the Group by only comparing sites that were present in both 2011 and 2015 in order to provide a more transparent comparison.

Sites excluded were those acquisitions made since 2011, which were Healthpoint, Sushrut-Adler and ArthroCare in addition to those in Brazil, Colombia and more recently, Russia. The underlying change
does not make allowance for the 18% increase in cost of production (between years 2012 and 2015) that is believed to have significantly impacted the underlying energy, water and waste data.

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Sustainability report 2015

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