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Supporting the business

Various committees and groups relating to the running of the business report to the Chief Executive Officer.

These groups have a dual role both advising the Chief Executive Officer and also implementing the strategy throughout the business. A number of these committees also report regularly to the Board or one of its Committees.

Commercial & Operations Committee – Committee of the Executive Officers, advising the Chief Executive Officer on commercial and operational matters

Regional Leadership Teams – Implement work of regional presidents

Functional Leadership Teams – Implement work of functional presidents

Disclosure Committee – Approves all announcements (except routine regulatory matters) released to investors and to UKLA, London and New York Stock Exchanges, and SEC

Finance & Banking Committee – Approves banking and treasury matters, corporate structure changes, acquisition details

Group Risk Committee – Reviews risk registers and mitigation plans, reports to Board and Audit Committee

Health, Safety and Environment Leadership Team – Oversees health, safety and environmental matters across the Group

Diversity & Inclusion Council – Implements strategies to promote diversity and inclusion across the Group

Group Benefits Committee – Oversees policies and processes relating to pension and employee benefit plans

Group Ethics & Compliance (including Quality) Committee – Monitors developments in compliance