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Investment in the strategic priorities

Investment in our strategic priorities, important for our future success, is governed through a number of committees and groups. These groups report either to the Chief Executive Officer or to one of the Executive Officers and are focused on allocating resources to and overseeing investment in the strategic priorities.

Regular reports from these groups are submitted to the Board or one of its Committees.

Research & Development Council – Reviews and evaluates R&D projects, determining the allocation of resources, ensuring alignment with corporate strategy, reports regularly to the Board

Mergers & Acquisitions Council – Oversees corporate development strategy, monitors status of transactions and approves various stages of acquisition prior to presentation to Board

Capital Governance Board– Sets group level targets for capital expenditure priorities and monitors capital expenditure within the parameters set by the Board

IT Governance Board – Oversees the IT strategy and investment allocation throughout the Group, monitors IT systems and cybersecurity, reports regularly to the Audit Committee

Group Optimisation Committee – Oversees the implementation of the Group Optimisation project, reports regularly to the Board

European Process Optimisation Committee – Oversees the implementation of the European ERP project