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Reconstruct with Confidence


ACUFEX PINPOINT Anatomic ACL Guide System

The ACUFEX PINPOINT Anatomic ACL Guide System provides versatile and easy-to-use instruments.

Easily Configurable
ACL Guide System can be used for a variety of techniques including double-bundle for outside-in and inside-out techniques, and single-bundle for outside-in and inside-out techniques.

Enhanced Visualization
Optimized visualization for size and placement of femoral tunnel(s) in the native anatomic location while allowing transition from trans-tibial to medial portal drilling.

Complete Footprint Coverage
- Assess femoral footprint coverage
- Depth markings in one-millimeter increments
- Guides feature multiple size templates

- Inside-out and outside-in drilling options
- Single and double bundle configurations
- Primary and revision cases

More information can be found on the ACUFEX PINPOINT Product Page.