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Smith & Nephew is committed to developing products that respond to the demand and supply pressures faced by the healthcare industry

Our VERILAST Technology has been laboratory tested to demonstrate wear performance sufficient for 30 years of use enabling a total replacement option for younger, more active patients.

PICOPICO is our single use NPWT product which brings the wound healing benefits of NPWT to a wider audience due to its discrete size and portability. Research is also proving the benefits of NPWT products to reduce recovery times after major surgery, such as caesarean sections.  

VISIONAIRE, our patient matched instrumentation, uses the patient’s MRI and X-rays to design cutting blocks specific to each patient. This may reduce surgery time by eliminating several sizing and alignment steps and improves precision in cutting the implant.

We are developing products targeting the middle economic tier of the emerging markets to capitalise on their forecast growth. This will enable doctors and nurses to deliver quality products to new patient communities around the world. 


Sep 2014