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OXINIUM passes a million units

2015 saw worldwide sales of our proprietary OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium metal alloy for joint replacements surpass one million units.

The OXINIUM material is a ceramicised metal that offers patients better wear-reduction and durability than other conventional cobalt chrome or ceramic implants.

OXINIUM Technology, a point of differentiation for Smith & Nephew, combines the enhanced wear resistance of a ceramic bearing with the superior toughness of a metallic bearing. When combined with highly cross-linked polyethylene (‘XLPE’) it results in our proprietary VERILAST Technology.

In hip implants, VERILAST Technology has been shown in various national joint replacement registries to have displayed best in class survivorship rates when compared to implants made from anyother materials.

In knee implants, the LEGION Primary Knee with VERILAST Technology has been laboratory-tested to 30 years of simulated wear. While lab testing is not the same as clinical performance, the tests showed significant reduction in wear compared to conventional technologies.

In 2015, we invested in our OXINIUM production facility in Memphis, USA to enable us to meet the strong demand for Smith & Nephew products featuring this unique material.


March 2016