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Integrating Healthpoint

Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, acquired in late 2012, exceeded our expectations in its first year as a Smith & Nephew business.

With strong revenue growth of 47%, it met our Strategic Priority of 'Supplementing our Organic 􀂟Growth through Acquisitions'. The acquisition marked Smith & Nephew's entry into Bioactives, the fastest growing segment of advanced woundcare. It also gives us enhanced presence in the US, including access to new channels and capabilities.

During 2013, we delivered on our objective to integrate Healthpoint gradually into Smith & Nephew to maximise the respective strengths of both companies and to avoid disruption to our customers.

medical researcherHealthpoint’s culture very much complemented our own, with a clear focus on innovation, customer needs and a commitment to a high level of compliance and ethics. The integration team sought to retain the best on both sides – continuing to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of Healthpoint, whilst bringing the wider benefits of Smith & Nephew’s global organisation to that business. The process culminated with the rebranding of Healthpoint to Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics in September.

Smith & Nephew now has leading brands and positions in all the important Advanced Wound Management segments of Exudate Management, Infection Management, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Bioactives. 

April 2014