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RAPID RHINO Technology


All RAPID RHINO products contain a proprietary blend of CarboxyMethyl Cellulose (CMC). This blend has been integrated into our epistaxis devices and surgical dressing by carefully controlling solubility. All of our postoperative nasal dressings are designed to provide a moist barrier for adhesion prevention and minimize bleeding.

CMC is a highly absorbent hydrocolloid-polymer polysaccharide material that forms a gel when hydrated. The ability of CMC to absorb multiple times its weight in water makes it an ideal substance for creating, moisture-rich environments necessary in ENT procedures. 

Product Flexibility

The RAPID RHINO product line features a wide range of dissolvable and removable postoperative nasal dressings, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of epistaxis solutions.

CMC Woven Fabric: Reinforcing CMC with nylon holds the fabric together and forms a main component of our epistaxis and removable nasal dressing products. Offered in a wide range of sizes, our epistaxis devices are single-piece self-lubricating inflatable tamponades designed for comfort and ease of insertion.

CMC Dissolvable Fibers: Starting as a dry CMC fiber within a syringe, the CMC forms gel foam when properly mixed with sterile water. This foam conforms to nasal and sinus cavities during placement and provides a moist, hydrocolloid physical barrier that will naturally dissolve over several days.

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