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Transparency and Sunshine Laws

Smith & Nephew complies with all country and US state transparency laws which required reporting of physician compensation. We have processes in place to both track this data and report on it accurately.

The US “Sunshine Law”

The US "Sunshine Law" is officially called the Physician Payments Sunshine provisions. These provisions were signed into law in March 2010 as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009. Under the US federal Sunshine Law, all medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Smith & Nephew, are required to track and report payments and “transfers of value” to US-licensed physicians and teaching hospitals annually. These payments and “transfers of value” include royalty payments, compensation for consulting services, meals, travel and lodging expenses, grants, payments and items provided for research, and others. The annual reports must be submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) by 31 March. The CMS then publishes the reported data on their Open Payments website on 30 June.

Smith & Nephew is committed to full compliance with the Sunshine law. In order to comply, we have established robust processes and polices in place to both track this data and report on it accurately.

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